Laredo UISD Auction…October 28, 2017 at 10:00 am 





UISD – Auction  Laredo Texas

Surplus Auction

Featuring 36 Cars, Trucks and Vans, and one BUS (Most with keys and run)

Pallets of IT Equipment, Student Desks, Pallets of Computers, Pallets of Laptops, Pallets of Projectors, Chairs,  Cafeteria Equipment, Ovens Mixers Kinder Furniture, Servers, and  Switches and Routers, Pallets of Printer Cartridge Ink, filing cabinets,

Cafeteria Ovens, Stainless steel Tops, Mixers, and a lot more.

Projectors up to 650….Many Many Projectors Perfect for those back yard Movies.

Address: 802 Gale Street, Laredo Texas

Preview October 27, 2017   Open at 10am until 4pm

Auction Date October 28, 2017 Open at 08:30am Starts at 10am


Payment instructions: BP is 10% Will accept only Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. All purchases must be paid on Auction Day


Pickup for all purchased items must be done by October 31st by 3pm. Bring your loaders and help…AMT Auction assumes no responsible for items not picked up on these dates.

Any item left over will be discarded.

All items sold AS IS and with all faults and defects therein and without any warranty of any kind.

Inventory Subject to Change* All announcements on Auction Day takes precedence over all printed or other advertisement.”

1 MV-0151 1995 FORD PICK-UP, F150 1FTEF15N2SLB77892
2 MV-0174 2000 FORD PICK-UP, F350, DIESEL 1FTSF30F9YED94514
3 MV-191 2002 FORD PICK-UP, F250, DIESEL 1FTNF20F22EC50267
4 MV-208 2005 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34P95HA85495
5 MV-0123 1995 FORD PICK-UP, F250 1FTHF25H8TEA63009
6 MV-0170 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F250 1FTNF20L0XED68475
7 MV-0182 2001 FORD PICK-UP, F250, DIESEL 1FTNF20F11EC32731
8 MV-0183 2002 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34L32HA47043
9 MV-0190 2002 FORD PICK-UP, F250, DIESEL 1FTNF20F42EC50268
10 MV-0154 1998 FORD PICK-UP, F150 1FTZF1769WKA54853
11 PD-27 2004 CHEVROLET IMPALA 2G1WF55K449190793
12 PD-21 2003 CHEVROLET IMPALA 2G1WF55K939414414
13 PD-47 2007 FORD EXPLORER 1FMEU63E77UB07890
14 CN-18 1994 FORD PICK-UP 2FTHF25HXRCA12948
15 PD-22 2004 CHEVROLET IMPALA 2G1WF55K949185265
16 EMV-0177 2001 FORD VAN, E350 1FTSE34L51HA95223
17 MV-0164 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F350 1FTSF30S2XED43352
18 MV-0126 1997 FORD PICK-UP, DUALLY, F350, DIESEL 1FTJF35F3VEC21281
19 MV-0186 2002 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34L92HA47046
20 MV-0180 2001 FORD PICK-UP, DUALLY, F350, DIESEL 1FTWW32F61EC05807
21 MV-0166 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F350 1FTSW30S8XED51701
22 MV-0165 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F150 1FTRF17WXXKB11479
23 EMV-0202 2003 FORD CARGO VAN, E350 1FTSE34L63HB45243
24 MV-0128 1997 FORD PICK-UP, DUALLY, F350, DIESEL 1FTJF35FIVEC21280
25 MV-0222 2005 FORD PICK-UP, F350 1FTWF30P35EB72783
26 MV-0181 2001 FORD PICK-UP, F250 1FTNF20FX1EC32730
27 EMV-188 2002 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34L22HA47048
28 PD-28 2004 CHEVROLET IMPALA 2G1WF55K049298702
29 EMV-201 2003 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34L83HB45244
30 MV-0184 2002 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34L52HA47044
31 MV-0172 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F250 1FTNF20LAXED68477
32 EMV-0187 2002 FORD CARGO VAN, E350 1FTSE34L02HA47047
33 MV-0218 2005 FORD CARGO VAN, E350, DIESEL 1FTSE34P75HA85494
34 MV-0163 1999 FORD PICK-UP, F350 1FTSW30S1XED37302
35 MV-0173 2000 FORD PICK-UP, F350, DIESEL 1FTSF30F7YED94513