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Atlas Towing
Time: February 8 @ 10:00 am – February 8 @ 5:00 pm

We would like to Welcome Atlas Towing as our new auction Partners.

Our first auction will be on February 8th at 10 am with 25 vehicles. The auction is open to the public and free to attend. You only need An ID or Driver’s License to get registered.

Thank you Mrs. Olga Venegas!


Altas Towing


AMT Auction Marketing, LLC


Live Webcast Auction




Saturday February 8, 2020 Auction starts at 10am

Preview Date/Time

Friday February 7, 2020 10am -3pm Saturday February 8 – 8:30am -10am

Checkout Date/Time

Check out / Payment accepted during and immediately after auction.


551 Steves Ave, San Antonio Texas 78204

Buyer Premium

15% Buyers Premium



Felix Barreras #17102

P676822    2005 GMC YUKON BLACK     VIN J19149
P693724    1999 SUBARU FORESTER RED     VIN H733174
P650499    2011 CHEVY IMPALA BLACK     VIN B1182343
P694401    2005 FORD FOCUS SILVER     VIN W286150
P690927    2006 VW JETTA SILVER     VIN M736799
P677749    2001 PONTIAC AZTEK BLACK     VIN S538929
P674904    2007 TOYOTA SCION MAROON     VIN 0184549
P677027    2005 CHRYSLER PACIFICA SILVER     VIN R667887
P679755    2003 FORD F150 BLUE     VIN D25095
P677918    2002 MITSUBISHI DLS SILVER     VIN T022241
P679608    2005 NISSAN ALTIMA BLACK     VIN N903605
P681052    2002 CHRYSLER VIYAGER BLUE     VIN B523849
P682203    1998 FORD F150 BLACK     VIN KB42143
P682406    1995 BMW 520 MAROON     VIN GK52806
P681069    2011 TOYOTA CAMRY GREY     VIN U180433
P680499    2005 PONTIAC SUNFIRE RED     VIN S184578
P680470    2007 NISSAN ALTIMA GREY     VIN C138848
P684265    2002 MERCEDES BENZ TAN     VIN F126349
P679547    2000 MAZDA PROTEGE GREEN     VIN Y0300561
P684143    1998 LEXUS GS GREY     VIN W0037760
BC0298     2002 FORD TAURUS GREY     VIN G210298
P687725    1999 HONDA ACCORD SILVER     VIN C040643
P688519    2005 CHEVY TAHOE WHITE     VIN R131627
P687655    1991 NISSAN 300ZX WHITE     VIN X500039
UC1302      1998 FORD EXPLORER WHITE     VIN UB91302